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CalcuQuote is an end-to-end RFQ Management System designed for the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry. Our comprehensive system enables close collaboration between your quote team, suppliers and customers.

Our Story

Chintan Sutaria, the founder of CalcuQuote, got involved in the EMS industry from a very young age through his family's business. By high school, he had rotated through almost every job involved in a turnkey PCBA production floor. It was through this lense, combined with an appreciation for building elegant formulas and processes that Chintan started working on CalcuQuote in 2014.

CalcuQuote graduated from a "fancy spreadsheet" to the end-to-end RFQ Management System it is today. CalcuQuote aims to transform the decades old quote process into one that aligns with the modern age. Behind every design decision in our software products is the intricate understanding of industry leading best practices and appreciation for how it will help our users.

One of the core tenets at CalcuQuote is that everyone's primary responsibility is Customer Success. Whether that means promptly responding to any questions from our users or proactively making recommendations on improving their process, our entire team strives to make that be a core part of the CalcuQuote difference.

Our team is dedicated, above all else, to excellent customer service.

We're standing by to help you finish that quote!

Our History