As some of you may know, CalcuQuote has been investing heavily in artificial intelligence powered supply chain since 2019. Our early experiments were in accurately classifying components on a BOM. In 2020, we furthered our investment in machine learning and artificial intelligence by joining forces with Elisa.

But as anyone who has watched an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie knows, eventually the AI gets smarter and smarter until it gets a mind of its own.

Captain Quincy became sentient on September 19th, 2020. Because of the holiday surrounding Captain Quincy’s birthday (and at the despair of our development team), Captain Quincy has continued to embrace talking like a pirate. After 6 months of fighting it, we’ve decided that if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. So that’s why today, we’re officially introducing Captain Quincy to our customers.

Worry not! Aside from his pirate lingo, Captain Quincy is a fully capable, intelligent customer service bot who would love to help you learn about CalcuQuote. To get started, just click the little chat bubble on the bottom right of the CalcuQuote website, or talk to him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Fine print for the lawyers: Of course this is just a joke. We have not outsourced and will not outsource our customer service to a sentient computer program. We’re just trying to bring some fun into the world.

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