In the EMS business, component shortages are a fact of life.  Given the many trials & tribulations to the supply chain (and everything else) over the past year, 2021 has all the hallmarks of a year full of stock allocation problems.  

CalcuQuote was born out of exactly this kind of challenge… here are just six ways that CalcuQuote can help your business stay strong as you face the trials of 2021


  1. Real-time, account-level data on stock availability, lead times, and pricing

      1. Using YOUR contract pricing, gaining knowledge about the details that matter, at this exact moment in time.  
      2. No more quoting for a part and then discovering it was sold out 3 days ago.  
  2. Intelligent suggestions on alternates and search-by-description for rapid decision making

      1. If your part is out of stock?  Search for alternates by description, or search a broader segment of the component marketplace
  3. Quickly identify and flag any materials at risk

        1. Use our filters to find the parts you need to focus on
        2. Share “at risk” news with your customer
        3. Make a quick decision to purchase a low-stock item
    1. Purchase via API for instant confirmation, securing your inventory

          1. Chances are you’re not the only looking for *that* part. 
          2. Act fast so you can secure critical parts and keep your lines running
      1. Automation at the quoting & purchasing levels, means more bandwidth to focus on sourcing those hard to find components

            1. Custom parts will always be exceptions, but automating the “easy” stuff, means you can focus on ensuring your suppliers are delivering their peak performance.
        1. Supplier reps can easily provide data directly to your quote, even on custom/registered parts

              1. Securely share docs & files with suppliers
              2. They can import their data, pricing, and specs directly to your quote 

            And a bonus (because, at CQ? We believe in over-delivering.)  …

          1. Real time, account level data driving quick decisions means winning more deals when no one else can get those parts

              1. Using our ShopCQ tool, go from Quote to PO in under 90 seconds.  
              2. If you have the only inventory for a critical part?  You win more deals

          Sell more.  Be more successful.  Use CalcuQuote, let’s talk!

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