Be more responsive.

QuoteCQ improves the speed, accuracy and efficiency of your Request For Quote (RFQ) process. 

Bill of Materials (BOM)

  • Easily import your BOM
  • Automatically account for leader and attrition by component class
  • Attach relevant documents

Labor Estimation

  • Configure your custom labor model
  • Eliminate Excel errors
  • Automate overhead allocation through activity-based costing

Material Costing

  • Instantly search for parts
  • Easily filter the data for more informed decision-making
  • Request quotes from suppliers & track responses 


  • Overhead cost pools
  • Accurately and effectively adjust throughout the year
  • Tie to your profit and loss

Margin / Markup

  • Roll-up costs by category
  • Set custom guidelines for calculating markup
  • Track financial indicators like revenue, margin, shipping costs, etc.

Metrics & Reporting

  • Track win ratio
  • Monitor improvement in RFQ response time
  • Stay compliant by logging & tracking risk assessment reports

Ready to take your quoting to the next level?

QuoteCQ Benefits


Simplifies and accelerates the quoting process so you can be more responsive.


API integrations allow quoting with real-time contract and registered pricing. 


End-to-end, comprehensive management, including price gathering, formatting quotes and follow-up reminders.


Custom integrations to communicate and interact with your other systems, such as ERP, MES and CRM.

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See QuoteCQ in action, from uploading a complicated BOM, sourcing materials, accounting for labor, adjusting markup and sending a finished quote at the touch of a button.