Tired of procurement taking days? Issuing a purchase order just to find out an item is now out of stock and your project will be delayed? The solution is available to you today. It’s called ShopCQ.

ShopCQ brings efficiency, relevant information, and shorter cycle times to you. No more flipping back and forth between supplier pages, or calling reps to gauge current component availability. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the beach, in an airport, or laying in bed, all the procurement info you need is right at your fingertips. 

Receive real-time pricing and availability, purchase price variance analysis, and order confirmation when you implement ShopCQ.  Who doesn’t want to save time, money, and resources while implementing an efficient process?

Check out our ROI calculator to see how ShopCQ will benefit you. 

The process is easy too! You can seamlessly integrate your ERP into ShopCQ, upload a demand list or continue on from QuoteCQ if you are a user of that software. You will be able to track line items from demand import all the way to order acknowledgement.

Through our six order API supplier integrations, you can seamlessly select the components you’d like to purchase and place the order.  

Procurement has never been easier. Focus on what matters with ShopCQ.