About a year ago, we were buckling down for this thing called Covid. “A few weeks stuck at home won’t be so bad…we’ll watch some Netflix, learn to bake or do some spring cleaning.”

Months passed…the situation became more dire, tradeshows got cancelled, and we wanted to see YOU, our customers. So in October, we tried to make the most of a bad situation by putting on AccelerateEMS, a “virtual conference” for the EMS industry. The feedback we got from it was overwhelmingly positive!

With hundreds of EMS professionals in attendance, there was learning, networking, and open sharing of ideas.

So as the world continues to define “the new normal” (it’s a cliche now, right?), we have decided to do more of a good thing.

We’re in a time of uncertainty and macro level changes in the industry, with supply chain disruptions and long lead times looming. This is the right time to bring together the smartest people in the industry to solve some tough problems and shape the future.

That’s why we’re putting together the BUILD virtual conference. To have some round table discussions, learn some things, and share ideas across the industry.

I hope you join us on April 14th and 15th from 8am-Noon (Central Daylight Time).

Chintan Sutaria
CalcuQuote CEO

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