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Our platform uses a proprietary algorithm to streamline quoting from days to minutes



AutoPrice your BOM with real-time supplier pricing & availability



Accurately estimate labor by selecting routing steps



Automatically allocate overhead using Activities Based Costing



Adjust quote markup to ensure risks and investments are always covered

More than a software

CalcuQuote is a partnership

Consulting an industry veteran is just a click away

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Industry leading protocols

ITAR compliant hosting available upon request

How It Works

CalcuQuote was designed by Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry veterans to improve the speed and accuracy of your Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) quote.

Our algorithm has been perfected over thousands of quotes!

AutoPrice & AutoSelect

Price materials like a Pro with "AutoPrice", a program that instantly brings you pricing and availability data from hundreds of distributors.

  • Import your BOM via Excel, CSV, or our intuitive interface
  • Price hundreds of lines items within minutes
  • Link directly with suppliers to access preferred pricing
  • "AutoSelect" BOM parts with custom preference filters
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APIs & Integrations

Stop double-entering data! Simplify your process by linking CRM, ERP, and MRP systems into your private instance of CalcuQuote.

  • Monitor inventory so you know quantity on hand
  • Link quotes to material master data from your ERP
  • Share CalcuQuote labor estimates with ERP actuals
  • Convert your quotes into ERP sales orders
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Reports & Risk Management

Enhance your Quality Management System with an integrated risk management module and reporting functionality.

  • Comply with risk management guidelines
  • Monitor RFQ process performance
  • Analyze sales with Win Ratio & Pipeline reports
  • Track pricing & availability volatility (coming soon)
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Flexible plans with no surprises

Make Your Quote Process Industry Leading
Access From Anywhere
AutoPrice Your BOM In Minutes
AutoSelect Parts With Custom Filters
Integrate Preferred Supplier Pricing
Workflow & Document Management
Real-time Alternate Part Approvals
Risk Management Module
3rd Party CRM, ERP, & MRP Integration
ITAR Hosting Available

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The easiest implementation and the greatest return on investment of any system I have been involved with

Our Customers Love Us

The system is very intuitive, and the staff at CalcuQuote was always available for any clarification needed

Our Customers Love Us

We prepared more accurate estimates, reduced time to quote, and improved visibility into the quotation process

Our Customers Love Us


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